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  • [2047 years ago]
    Karen is outdoors with a guy that she has met while on the beach. She is a very lucky bitch because hot guys follow her like bees follow honey. Well the honey, that being Karen is going to get her bee and she will enjoy her bee as much as she can. She has
  • [7 years ago]
     Kimberly is one hot 25 year old girl. She loves to be sexy and seductive and know’s just what a man wants. She hits this week with one crazy masturbation session! Come watch this hot brunette as she pulls out her classy toy and inserts it deep inside her wet pussy. This is guaranteed [...]
  • [2047 years ago]
    Rebecca Linares will be serving her country by fucking and sucking. More porn stars should follow her example.
  • [2047 years ago]
    Hot sizzling slut in one blood rushing masturbation scene
  • [2047 years ago]
    Russian chick is sick of her clothing… Or maybe she’s just wasted? Anyhow, she takes her gear off while some blokes look and film it. More woman should follow this example.
  • [2047 years ago]
    More chicks should do stuff like this. Don´t film your face, just the pussy and toy. No one will ever know it´s you and we´ve got something to wank. Send them in ladies!
  • [7 years ago]
    The amazing Hannah Martin thought she’d pop on over to give her favouritest people (that’s you lot! Hooray for you lot!) a sexy crash course in DIY snapping. If you’ve been left in any brain-muddled doubt as to how to correctly operate a camera, let us know below and we’ll see if a follow-up lesson [...]
  • [7 years ago]
    Dauer: 00:05:54 | Format: DivX | Größe: 47,4 MB | Vorschau » Part 1 » FileSonic: Part 1 » DepositFiles: Part 1 » Share-Online: Part 1
  • [7 years ago]
    Bubbling is the greatest innovation masturbation has seen in years. Bubbling is genius! Take any photo of your favorite girl in a bikini, bubble it and start FAPPING all over the place! Bubbling
  • [7 years ago]
    Dauer: 00:18:53 | Format: WMV | Größe: 110 MB | Vorschau » Part 1 » Part 1 » Part 1 » DepositFiles: Part 1 » Filesonic: Part 1 » Fileserve: Part 1
  • [7 years ago]
    Self-taken, creative… A few masturbating pics and more in the tub coming in Part 2. By the way officially hit 50,000,000 Page Views! That makes me happy. I need to plug cause we need some hits today, its startin off a bit slow… Also follow SextingPics at … And bookmark Download [...]
  • [2047 years ago]
    It’s been a while, but this penile surgery I had (from 4 to 10 inches) is no laughing matter. You need to take care of it. And watching too much porn is not taking care of it. ANyways, back to the bird in hand. Bird 1058. Sent into us with niot just pictures but als a masturbation video. We thank her and him.
  • [7 years ago]
    I really wish this cute Latina girl would have lost the bikini top for her little masturbation demonstration. It seems like she has some nice, natural knockers with some nipples that appear to react clitoral stimulation. That sounds a bit scientific doesn’t it? Her nipples get hard when she plays with her puss — how’s [...]
  • [2047 years ago]
    Busty young Tiffany is a real find. She is a natural E cup and a nature love as well. Luckily she has a huge field in back to play in and she loves to do her stretching excercises out in the sunshine. After all that warm up well, naughty teenie Tiffany co
  • [7 years ago]
    Taylor Lain has become one of my favorite teenagers to toss a nut to. Taylor has a juicy body barely standing at 5 foot nothing with small tits but an amazing booty for a white girl. Taylor is getting popular with people around the globe but she still needs to interact on the major adult [...]
  • [7 years ago]
    Here are some pics of Christina Milian showing off that delicious cleavage of hers. This chick can’t sell records or make a movie a box office success but she contributes plenty with that cleavage and her hotness….although that contribution is mostly in the form of masturbation material for lonely guys like me and you to [...]
  • [7 years ago]
        Aki Kurosawa is lovely in her mini skirt and her long nails. She also has white lingerie and a vibrator to use in her wet pussy. She has a dildo she is fond of too and she is inserting it into her pussy for some long hand fucking masturbation. Aki Kurosawa is sexy and [...]
  • [7 years ago]
    Pornstar Janine Lindemulder appears to be missing her girlfriend in this free masturbation gallery from her personal website. She’s pulled out a red strap-on dildo and is running it over her wet pussy and teasing her swollen clit. Janine is completely nude throughout this photoshoot showing off her incredible breasts and those rock [...]
  • [7 years ago]
    Ember Reigns is a phenomenal blonde bombshell with a solo site and weekly live cam shows. Ember has long blonde hair, a tight curvy body with big juicy tits and a nice round ass. Ember has a fit and tan body that is maintained. In this video clip, Ember is in her vanity room putting [...]
  • [7 years ago]
    picture Daily Mail
    Prince Prince Jefri Bolkiah, 56, immortalized his bedroom antics with Micha Raines in life-sized bronze sculptures he had commissioned for his Long Island estate Sunninghill...

    Jefri has 17 children by seven women. And he has a harem.

    His harem was first detailed in 1997 by former Miss USA Shannon Marketic when she sued the prince and the sultan for holding her against her will as a sex slave in Brunei at his 1,788-room place.

    Her lawsuit claimed she and other young women were lured to be sex slaves after traveling there under false pretenses. After arriving in Brunei, she said, they had their passports confiscated and were checked for sexually transmitted diseases. The suit was dismissed.

    Earlier this year Jillian Lauren, published a memoir 'Some Girls' detailing her 18 months in the harem as one of Jefri's 40 girlfriends, showered with jewelry, designer clothes and bags stuffed with cash.

    Jefri, known for his spending habits, was accused of embezzling $14.8billion from the tiny, oil-rich Brunei, a charge he denied. His purchases over the years have included 600 properties, over 2000 cars, over 100 paintings, five boats, nine aircraft including an Airbus, rugs made of gold, and even a mega-yacht he christened 'Tits'...
  • [7 years ago]

    we meet in the lobby of a hotel, no words exchanged.
    our eyes meet. I look toward the elevator, you follow
    my look and we walk to the waiting doors. we enter.
    I stand behind you, smelling you, my hands slide down
    your back and lightly touch your ass. the doors open,
    we walk toward room 1425. I unlock the door and you
    walk in before me. you stand perfectly still for me to
    inspect. I am pleased with your outfit, I can see your
    shape through your top and skirt. You reach toward
    my waist and run your fingers across my belt. you
    look up to me. I brush your hand away and slowly
    pull my belt out from its loops. I nod my head toward
    the bed, you know what to do. you lay on the bed on
    your back, you hike up your skirt so I can see your
    thin black panties. I make my belt into a giant loop.
    I climb on top of you, my knees pin your arms to the
    soft mattress. I can feel your body start to wiggle below
    me. you know what’s coming next. you start to say
    something, as your words begin to form, I grab your
    hair and pull your head up off the bed. I toss my belt
    loop over your head and push your head back down,
    my fingers explore you now damp pussy through the
    fabric of your panties. I slowly pull on the end of the
    belt as it tightens around your neck. I pet your face
    as I pry your mouth open for me. the belt is now
    tightly around your neck. I feel your hips push toward
    my hand. tell me tell me you want my cock. tell me.
    your eyes nod. I unbutton my pants and slowly pull
    my hardening cock from my pants. I lean over your
    face and push myself deep into you. I can feel your
    cool saliva covering me. and your breathe escaping
    form your nose, I can feel you moan as my fingers
    begin to dance around your wet clit…………….
  • [7 years ago]
    picture BBC:
    Joumana Haddad, the editor of an erotic Arabic-language magazine and author of a new book that challenges sexual taboos in the Arab world, is drawing praise and death threats alike.

    The Lebanese writer and poet publishes Jasad - Arabic for body - a glossy quarterly that deals with eroticism and body-culture.

    Published since December 2008, Jasad's articles range from violence in relationships to voyeurism and masturbation.

    Her works have been opposed by Muslims and Christian groups alike, but Ms Haddad says she will not be silenced.

    "When I started doing Jasad, I started receiving a lot of hate mail and threats," she told the BBC World Service in a recent interview.

    "I didn't want to be intimidated and compelled to stop doing what I was convinced I needed to do," she says. "I just kept on doing it."...